To help Jewish patients and their family members meet their basic needs, so that they can focus their energy on receiving the best possible medical care.
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Intro to First Newsletter

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The purpose of Ezras Cholim, Tomchei Shabbos, and the Arizona Kosher Pantry is to demonstrate gratitude for the great kindliness bestowed upon us from G-d. We hope our service shows thanks and says thank you.

  1. To amplify our work, this newsletter, food drives, educational resources, and a robust thank you department are core to our efforts for this year.
  2. Pardes Jewish Day School and their PTA joined with the Arizona Kosher Pantry for a Rosh Hashanah Food Drive. The results were heartwarming as they collected over 100 paper bags of groceries! Chabad of Scottsdale and Mazel Tov Gifts joined with Tomchei Shabbos for a food drive that overflowed 5 barrels of groceries. Currently Beth El Congregation and The J Scottsdale Arizona have Arizona Kosher Pantry food donation boxes. A request: please have your organization contact us as we do have food drive openings/opportunities for Purim (March) and Passover (April).
  3. Topics emerge daily such as access to nutritious food, hunger as a public health issue, informed food choices, and food as medicine. As our programs evolve to address the needs of our communities, we are becoming listeners and educators. Stay tuned, as we want to share our experience and knowledge on these topics in this newsletter, online, and in person.

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