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Tired of seeing only walls and need some company…?

Being sick and or hospitalized can become very lonely. Receiving visitation and human interaction can be “just the thing” that you need to keep your spirits up! Our Mission is to channel the chesed of our community and advocate for the needs of Jewish patients and their families in the hospital and home. Ezras Cholim volunteers from our community are available for hospital visitations. Let us take the loneliness out of your hospital stay. We are only a phone call or a click away!

Visitation services offered:
• Daily and or frequent visitation
• Warm meal delivery
• Someone to listen to you and to chat with
• A presence to brighten your day

Our volunteering visitor list is updated quite often with new volunteers. If you or one of your family members or loved ones are in need of hospital, nursing home, or in-home visitation, please contact us today. Please see the list below of required information for visitation services.

Required Information:
1. Name
2. Hospital or Nursing Home name
3. Room number
4. Address for in-home visits
5. Your name and your relationship to the patient

Contact us today!
Ezras Cholim of Phoenix
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