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Ezras Cholim of Phoenix

An organization dedicated to support the sick, needy, and welfare of the general Phoenix Community.

6516 N 7th Street Suite #100 Phoenix, AZ 85014

Hakaras Hatov to the Volunteers at Ezras Cholim

Hakaras Hatov to the Volunteers at Ezras Cholim

A family recently traveled all the way to Phoenix from New York, bringing their daughter to Barrow Neurological Institute for a critically important surgery. Ezras Cholim would like to thank all our volunteers who were there to help, from the moment they stepped off the plane until they departed once more for home.

Billy Flowers picked the family up at the airport and took them straight to the hospital. Brooke Foster coordinated a team of generous women who prepared the meals, daily and for Shabbos. Moshe Shipkin brought the patient’s father to shul daily so that he could daven with a minyan.

The outpouring of kindness from our community will forever resonate with the family. Baruch Hashem, the daughter recovered well from a very difficult and high-risk surgery. Before they returned to New York, the young lady even enjoyed the experience of summer swimming in the famed Phoenix sunshine!

The day they departed we all went to say goodbye and wish their daughter a refuah shleimah, a complete and speedy recovery. David Rappaport our Goodwill Ambassador provided closure, blessing the family and bringing joyful tears to their eyes.

With Hashem’s help, our community will continue to perform mitzvos through Ezras Cholim!