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Ezras News – Nissan 5777

Ezras News – Nissan 5777


  • Nissan – Redeem Yourself!
  • “In Nissan we were redeemed (from Egypt) and in Nissan we will be redeemed (in the future redemption)” (Talmud – Rosh Hashanah 10b) 
  • Ezras Cholim of Phoenix would like to extend this redemption into the area hospitals and medical care facilities for patients and their families.
  • Our mission is to help the sick and those in need amongst us. Together with you, let’s share the redemption of the Month of Nissan. We invite you to join us by SIGNING UP FOR OUR EMAIL LIST to stay informed about the needs of our fellow Jews, and how we can care for our community.

Last Month Summary

  • March 2017
    • 68 Visits
      • Visiting the sick at hospitals, health care facilities, and home
    • 32 Meals Delivered
      • Meals delivered to patients and their caregivers
    • 14 Grocery Trips
      • Trips to the grocery store to purchase food and supplies for patients and their caregivers
    • 11 Airport Rides
      • Pickups from & drop-offs to the airport for visiting patients and their caregivers
    • 9 Lodging Requests
      • Unfortunately we weren’t able to fulfill all these requests. Please support us by donating or providing housing for these patients and caregivers in these trying and difficult times.


Anonymous – Age 14 – Phoenix, AZ


“Ezras Cholim is an organization worthy of our admiration and support. Run by selfless volunteers, it provides help to all who are in need, without saying, ‘no’ to anyone. As our Sages teach us, ‘the poor of your city take precedence.’ It is the responsibility of every one of us to support those in need within our community. JOINING THE RANKS of Ezras Cholim is the best option.” Rabbi Daniel Itahov


“I cannot say enough about Ezras Cholim! I was extremely hesitant to call, because I did not want to be a bother to the community. However, I promised my doctor that I would get help, and so I had to follow through. I also wanted to remain anonymous, and thought, who would want to help someone they don’t know? But Ezras Cholim was there. From the moment I called, Yecheskel was telling me that they would be SO happy to help, and not to feel bad that I need help. By the time I called, I had been off my feet for about a month, and really needed the help as soon as possible. I called on a Thursday. The NEXT DAY Yecheskel brought the entire Shabbos meal for my family, along with much needed household help. I continued to receive meals for THREE weeks, and Ezras Cholim STILL brings food every Shabbos and often during the week too! This is extremely helpful, as I am starting to get back on my feet, but I am not supposed to do much heavy lifting (pots and pans with food are too heavy for me). Yecheskel follows up with me frequently to see what our needs are. Thank G-d, I am getting back on my feet. When I was completely bed-ridden, Ezras Cholim sent my baby to daycare, and took care of household help twice a week! I cannot even imagine where my family would be now without Ezras Cholim. The people of Ezras Cholim are amazing. I am a complete stranger, yet they are happy to help keep our family afloat during this very difficult time.” – Anonymous


Mr. Yecheskel Friedman, Founder and President Mr. Elchonon Gross, CEO Mrs. Gittel Itahov, Treasurer


Rabbi David Rebibo, Beth Joseph Congregation Rabbi Moshe Goldberg, Ohr Hatorah Rabbi Shimon Yerucham Green, Rosh Yeshiva Yeshivas HaTurim Rabbi Yossi Bryski, Young Israel of Phoenix Rabbi Ariel Shoshan, Ahavas Torah Rabbi Raphael Landesman, Shearim Torah High School Rabbi Daniel Itahov, Shaarei Tzion Ohel Bracha


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