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Hashgacha Pratis ( Divine Providence )

Hashgacha Pratis ( Divine Providence )

  • Recently we had a Go Fund campaign, and in the process we got an e-mail that read: “Pleaseconsider asking me if bulk transport is ever needed, as you know I have trailers. Also, if a delivery needed is seeking a deliverer, if I’m free, I’d love to help. Mike”
  • At approximately the same time we got a phone call from Esther Bronstyn informing us that somebody wants to donate two Hospital beds, I asked her if it could wait till after the Chagim since I was out of town, she said yes.
  • Coming back to Phoenix I was informed that a family from out of town was in Phoenix for medical treatment, and that one of its member of was in need of a hospital bed. Hashgacha Pratis set in. We contacted the bearer of the e-mail Mike Sims asking him if he would be able to pick up these beds from Sarah Davita donated by Chana Devora Carro, and take one to the patient, and the other to storage, his answer was “I am here to help! Hashgacha Pratis at its greatest.
  • Giving credence to the statement of Ben Azzai: ( Pirkei Avot 4:2 ) שֶׁמִּצְוָה גּוֹרֶרֶת מִצְוָה That a commandment ( Mitzvah ) leads to another commandment ( Mitzvah ).
  • Ezras Cholim would like to thank Daniel and Shani Feld for the Chesed/Kindness they are providing for this family, Chana Devora Carro for donating the beds, the voulnteers assisting this family, and most of all Mighty Mike aka Mike Sims for making it possible for the patient to enjoy it.
  • All this was made possible by Rebbetzin Ayala Shoshan for bringing Ezras Cholim to theforefront.Thanks again Rebbetzin Shoshan.