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A Volunteer Visit

Ezras Cholim volunteers visiting with a patient at Lake Pleasant Post Acute Rehabilitation in Peoria, AZ! Notice the stuffed animals? They handed out various stuffed

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Ezras News – Nissan 5777

INTRO Nissan – Redeem Yourself! “In Nissan we were redeemed (from Egypt) and in Nissan we will be redeemed (in the future redemption)” (Talmud – Rosh

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Happy Chanukah

“To Yecheskel, We wish you and your family a Chag Sameach. Thank you for your assistance and compassion. We are truly grateful for your kindness.

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Thank you

I would like to thank all the people that donated food and the voulnteers especially Brooke Foster for delivering it. A special thanks to Rabbi

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Purim Joy

After Rabbi Adler read the megillah for our patient, he entertained us all with beautiful joyous music!  

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