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Advocacy for Patients

Do you feel like the only one involved in your struggle…?

We at Ezras Cholim of Phoenix are here to tell you that you are NOT alone. Our sole mission is to bring our community together through volunteering individuals, to show you that there are others who care about your struggle and illness. Our intent is to make sure that you have a voice and can speak for what you want and need. We extend our services to patients and their families in all area hospitals, nursing homes, and to those being cared for in-home.

Services provided for patient advocacy:
• Help navigating through difficult medical decisions or negotiation
• Offer guidance and advice during trying times
• Communication with hospital or nursing home staff to help understand their options
• Translation help with medical forms
• To provide liaisons between families and hospitals that have a vast knowledge of each medical facility’s protocols, policies, and staff.
• Offer help from individuals with specific training whom can provide guidance and advice within a wide range of medical situations.

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