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Our Mission

Ezras Cholim of Phoenix a project of Ezras Cholim of Arizona was started in 2015 by a group of dedicated volunteers to serve the needs of people facing illness in the Greater Phoenix Jewish community.

In 2017, Ezras Cholim was asked to operate a Sabbath pantry aiding the sick and needy in their difficult times to enjoy the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays, Tomchei Shabbos (“Support of the Sabbath”). 

Ezras Cholim launched a 100% Kosher Food Pantry in 2018, giving us the opportunity to aid the needy on a daily basis at our location. The Kosher Food Pantry is a part of a national food-pantry network called Feeding America.  

Because we are a registered 501(c)3 organization, your donation is tax-deductible. 


Staff & Volunteers

Yecheskel Friedman

President & Founder

Elchonon Gross

President & Founder

Billy Flowers

Transportation Coordinator

Oksana Avelarde

Manager & Community Organizer

Melanie Silverman

Volunteer Food Pantry & Fundraiser

Rabbi Ariel Shoshan

Rabbinic Adviser

Luara Leibhaber

Volunteer Food Coordinator

Julie Almosino

Volunteer Food Coordinator

Board of Directors

Julia Almoslino
Janice Gotfried
Charles Matlin, MD
Jeremy Rovinsky, Esq.
Ben Saks
Sam Saks, Esq.
Shani Saks (Feld), MD
Myra Schindler
Cary Schnitzer, MD

“Yecheskel, I want you to know that my parents arrived back in Mexico, and BH, everything went well. Thanks for all your attentions, Tizke Lamitvots!!!!!!”
On August 7, 2015 my wife and I were involved in a serious car accident in Scottsdale. My wife was hospitalized at Honor Health, Osborn St. for 3 weeks and I was more fortunate, being released in 4 days. The Bikur Cholim led by Yecheskiel Friedman came to our rescue arranging wonderful housing for me with families in both Scottsdale and Phoenix. In addition, I was provided with comfortable personalized and timely transportation to an from the hospital almost on demand...And I can't forget the amazing home cooked Shabbos meals for both of us! The efforts of the Ezras Cholim of Phoenix made the challenging time for both of us much easier to deal with. We will always be grateful. Sincerely, Alan Kasloff
Alan and Peshie Kasloff